Springing into Spring

The year seems to be flying by, and I’ve been left asking myself what on earth happened to March?! Everything seemed to get slightly derailed last month – blogging fell by the wayside, I stopped making any kind of progress with my miles, and I started to settle back into my old cozy routines – argh!

With the changing clocks however has come a renewed effort to stick to my New Year’s Resolutions (is there anybody else out there still keeping up with theirs?!), and things are starting to look up! On the 17th March, I was 49 miles below target, and wondering how I was ever going to claw back any distance. As of today, I’m 21 miles below target, and have averaged 3.8 miles per day since mid-March. There’s still some way to go before I get into the green – unlike Sam who is a very respectable 15 miles above target – but it’s definitely a move in the right direction.100_0097.JPGThe extra hour of light in the evening is definitely helping, as is the beautiful weather we’ve had over the last couple of weeks. I’ve always loved this time of year; there’s something so special about watching plants that have lain dormant for months suddenly spring to life, and in many ways this really feels like the actual beginning of the year.

Having a garden of our own for the first time makes it even more exciting as we watch all of the hidden bulbs appear and start to see our new seedlings establish themselves. Here are a few pictures of all the things we’ve been enjoying over the last couple of weeks.

Hello Spring!


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