Back on Track

When I started the #walk1000miles challenge in January, I got off to a flying start and even thought it might not be quite challenging enough. Ah, how are the mighty fallen! Starting a new job combined with the dark, cold evenings meant that practically no mid-week walking took place, and I quickly fell way behind target.

My lowest point came on the 17th March at a huge 50 miles behind where I needed to be. Once the clocks changed though and I became a little less tired, suddenly it seemed much easier to put my boots on and head outside.

As Spring gets well underway, there have been lots of new appearances for us to enjoy. The bluebells are out in force, carpeting the woods with their gorgeous colour. We found it impossible to properly capture their rich bluey-purple hue and the sheer quantity of them – I’ve never seen so many bulbs in one place.100_0598.JPG100_0646 (2).JPGKODAK Digital Still CameraThe pond has been disappointing us with its total lack of otter activity for months, but there are some new arrivals who are trying their best to make up for it!100_0687 (2).JPGUnfortunately for the little goslings, we also spotted Mr Fox prowling around the neighbouring field – I think Mr and Mrs Goose need to keep their eyes open for the foreseeable future..!100_0671 (2).JPGThe pond is going to be a regular destination for the next few weeks as I expect that we’ll be seeing ducklings appearing soon, and hopefully we’ll be able to watch the goslings develop as well.

The better weather and the prospect of new developments in the plant and wildlife world has made it much easier to get outside and go that little bit further every day. I only managed 48 miles in February, increasing to 77 in March, but I’ve already walked 103 miles in April with a full week left to go.

I’m very happy to say that as of Saturday, I’m now back on target with my miles for the first time since January 31st, and have clocked over 300 so far this year. I’m aiming to have reached the halfway point by the time we head off to Norway at the beginning of July so there’s still a long way to go – I’d better get my boots back on!


4 thoughts on “Back on Track

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m surprised by how quickly I’ve managed to catch up (although I keep thinking about how much further ahead I’d be if I’d just put in a little bit more effort in February and March..). Mr Fox was very relaxed and was happy snuffling about in his field, although I was a bit concerned about how close he was to both the goslings and the very new Southdown lambs – fingers crossed he stays away from them!


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