Asturian Adventures

Almost exactly a year ago, Sam’s parents moved to Asturias in northern Spain, which means wonderful holidays for us! It really is a stunning part of the world – within the space of 20 minutes you could be halfway up a mountain, wandering through lush green forests, or exploring one of the many beaches along the rugged coastline. Our long weekend there last week managed to make the most of the variety in scenery, taking in a new environment every day.

We started close to the border of Galicia, walking along a shady stream up to a waterfall. This part of the world is often referred to as ‘Green Spain’, and it’s not hard to see why! The trees, not content with colour provided from their leaves, are draped in lichens and mosses giving the whole area a gorgeous hue.

KODAK Digital Still Camera100_0841.JPG100_0843.JPG100_0858.JPGThere was once a thriving community here, and their buildings and miles of dry stone walls stand testament to the generations of people who lived and traded in the valley.100_0856.JPG100_0902.JPGNow long abandoned, the woods are home to smaller and fluffier residents…100_0891 (2).JPGFollowing on from our gentle woodland walk, the next day we headed to the wilderness of Somiedo. This is apparently one of the best places in Asturias to spot brown bears, although we weren’t lucky enough to spot any. Despite the disappointing lack of bears, Somiedo had more than enough for us to look at and enjoy.100_1005 (3).JPG100_1022.JPG100_0985 (2).JPGSam and I first visited Somiedo last September when the trees were beginning show off their autumnal colours. Roger and Lis visited earlier this year when the snow completely blanketed the valley and the lakes were frozen over, giving the mountains even more of a dramatic appearance. This time around, although spring was well underway in valley, the snow had only just gone from the high paths where we walked and the first flowers were just beginning to appear in the sub-alpine meadows above the lakes. Judging by all the new shoots that we could see, in a couple of months the pathways will be a mass of stunning summer colour just waiting to be discovered. Somiedo truly is spectacular in all seasons.

Descending from the hilltops, our last day was spent exploring the coastline of la Playa del Silencio. I’m happy on any beach at any time of year, and have great memories of windswept coastal walks during winter, as well as splashing around in the sea in summertime, but this beach really is something special. As well as the clear blue water, it also features some interesting geology, along with a selection of rock-pools that are home to sea urchins and anemones.

We stayed for hours, and the only disappointing part was that I hadn’t taken my swimming stuff – it was pretty cold, but I think I’d have managed just fine in such a beautiful setting.100_1035 (2).JPG100_1080 (2).JPG100_1097 (2).JPG100_1039.JPG100_1045.JPG100_1068.JPG100_1049 (2).JPG100_1067.JPGUnsurprisingly given both the fantastic scenery and the great company, we had an absolutely wonderful break and have returned feeling very rested and relaxed – just what we needed!

¡Muchas gracias!


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